Bournville Village Festival - Saturday 30 June 2012 2:00pm - 10:30pm

Cadbury's Recreation Ground, Linden Road, Bournville, South Birmingham

Bournville Festival
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The Bournville Maypole Story

In 1902 in common with the rest of the country, the small village of Bournville (then only 400 homes) decided to celebrate the Coronation of King Edward VII and this was held on 2nd July. The first Festival was so greatly enjoyed that it was decided to make it an annual event with the Maypole being the centrepiece.

The original Festival Committee was formed into the Bournville Village Council in 1903 and since that time, has organised the festival as well as being the local Resident’s Association.

During the First World War the Festival came to a halt but recommended in 1919 and continued until 1939 when, once again, war brought it to a stop. During the Second World War performances were given on Rowheath Playing fields but, when peace came, the Festival began again at Cadbury’s.

With about 120 girls and boys, the Bournville Maypole is one of the largest – possibly the largest – Maypole in Europe. The present metal Maypole was first used in the 1973 Festival.

In 2009 the Festival celebrates its 107th Anniversary and, although the content has changed over the years, the Maypole has always been an important central item and has now become a great tradition belonging to Bournville.

The Bournville Maypole

  1. Come Lassies and Lads
  2. Heralds announce the arrival of the Festival Queen, preceded by the Retiring Queen
  3. The Crowning of the Queen
  4. Dance by the Petal boys and girls
  5. Step by Step
  6. The Gypsies’ Tent
  7. Dance of the Gypsies
  8. The Chain
  9. The Queen’s Basket
  10. The Barbers Pole
  11. Merrily We Dance Around
  12. Soldiers of the Queen
  13. Finale

The production, presentation and dressing of the Maypole dancers is the voluntary work of Mrs Pauline Rice and helpers, the children and the parents.

Their reward is your pleasure on Festival Day.

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Festival Queen

Festival Queen

Arena Acts

Marching Band

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